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Reading Glasses | Eyewear 75040

You have never worn glasses and now after 40 you can’t seem to read your text messages without holding the phone at arm’s length.

The medical term for this normal change in our eyesight is called presbyopia. The ability of the lens inside our eyes changes as we age. The ability to focus on objects up close is greatly diminished. You first notice this change in your eyesight when the small text you are reading suddenly looks blurry.

Reading glasses are usually necessary at this stage in your life. Reading glasses after the age of forty are an optical device that will enhance your reading experience. There are two main styles of reading glasses. The full size frame and the “Ben Franklin” frame. The full size frame is made up of a full size lens and the “Ben Franklin” are half-eye glasses let you see clearly when you look up over the top of the lenses.

People who need to spend a lot of time concentrating on close-up reading material usually pick full frame reading glasses.

Half-eye glasses are preferred by people who use glasses for light reading and want to see things clearly when they look up to see at a further distance.

Bifocal reading glasses are a third option. Bifocals combine 2 sections in 1 lens. The top part of the lens allows for for long distance viewing and the lower part of the lens is for reading or close work.

Reading outdoors in the sun with bifocals is more convenient today now that bifocals are available with tinted lenses and 100% UV protection for reading outdoors in the sun.

Are Custom-Made Reading Glasses Better than Pre-Fabricated Ones ?

Reading glasses that are custom-made for your eye care needs are a worthy investment.

Ready-made reading glasses may be less expensive but they are one-size-fits-all concept. This makes it affordable and convenient. It allows you to have multiple pairs and even spares in your car, office, purse and at home.

There is a downside to ready-made reading glasses. One drawback to ready-made readers is that both lenses have the same prescription.

Since most people do not have the same exact prescription in both eyes there can be side effects such as eye strain, headaches and sometimes even nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms with ready-to-wear reading glasses then be sure to get an eye exam so that your eye doctor can prescribe customized reading glasses.

Any Change In Vision Requires an Eye Exam

Even if you do decide to use ready-made reading glasses, make sure you get your eyes checked to determine your eye health status. The health of your vision depends on you.

Any change in vision requires a consultation with your eye doctor. You may just need custom-made reading glasses. But if you developed a serious vision problem immediate care will prevent further damage to your eyesight.

A very common eye disease such as Glaucoma, for example, has no symptoms at first but can cause permanent vision loss, even blindness. When it is detected early and controlled with medication it can be managed and monitored.

Routine eye exams are therefore necessary to avoid future vision problems and to monitor the health of your eyes as you age.